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About NQPC

Why did you start NQPC?
I made the decision to start my own YouTube channel in 2017,
I had wanted to for sometime but had been quite nervous
of how successful or - more accurately -  how unsuccessful
I would be. After encouragement from my friends I started
making regular fitness, diet and lifestyle vlogs, which have
slowly built up an audience. I met Gina in August 2017 and,
both being ambitious, we came up with idea to include more
videos on what it’s like to be a disabled person. We soon
came up with the idea of making blogs with disabled access
reviews and top tips to further expand our platform and
audience, in the hope we could start to make a change
in the disabled community. So that’s why we’re here - we
want to try and make a difference in the community by
helping companies understand what is needed for disabled
improving their awareness and encouraging them to
include more information on their websites for

customers requiring disabled access.


What does NQPC stand for?

Not Quite Politically Correct 


Who is behind NQPC?
I’m Charlie Randell- a young wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy. I work in digital marketing, whilst running a YouTube channel which focuses on disabled lifestyle and fitness. My girlfriend - Gina Twelftree helps me

to run and promote my YouTube channel, whilst also running this blog. Gina writes the blogs from our ideas and experiences. She is basically my glamorous assistant.

Where do you see NQPC in 5 years time
I hope within 5 years, we can start collaborating with companies to feature our blog or videos on their websites and social media channels, so that people with disabled access requirements can find accurate and helpful information.


What is your dream?
Well long term I would love to open my own gym / brand of gyms, that specifically meet disabled access needs. A gym where you can work with your own personal trainer, someone who understands your needs, your gym goals and how they can help you.Why? It can be difficult and expensive to go to the gym as a disabled person: some gyms may not be accessible, you feel like a nuisance, like everybody is staring or judging, you may have to pay extra for a personal trainer and even then they may not quite understand how they can help you. Working out changed my life because it was something I could do, something I enjoyed and I could see results from and I think everyone who wants to work out should feel comfortable to do so.

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