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At the end of September we went to Cornwall with Gina’s family and stayed in a independent hotel in Redruth. The hotel was called Tricky's, we found it through google search, and thought it would be interesting to try out the disabled access at an independent hotel.
See the video below

The hotel was great, it reminded me of a motel style building but there was a traditional pub attached which gave it more personality. The disabled access was great, although there were a few doors throughout the building which can prove hard when you’re lugging a case and a wheelchair. When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by a smiley and friendly receptionist who made sure our room was prepared straight away - as we were a little early and they hadn’t yet reached it. She advised us to head to the pub for a drink or there was a small conference room where we could sit and have a coffee if we preferred somewhere quieter.


The room itself is very spacious, the door was very wide, however, a little heavy and they use a key and lock system, so those with finer manipulation issues may find it difficult. The room also teamed up as the family room as the hotel is small and they are the bigger rooms with the bigger bathrooms, which is understandable. The layout of the room was great and it looked very welcoming, although our room had a view of the car park it let in a lot of light and the other side of the hotel had a lovely view of the Great British countryside!

As I said the room was well laid out and there was room for a wheelchair either side of the bed, which is unusual for hotel rooms but incredibly useful. There is also lots of space for turning circles so you don't need to worry about moving around in a wheelchair or walking aid. however the main door into the room maybe a little heavy for some people and they use a key and lock system so those with finer manipulation issues may find it difficult using the key to open the door.


As you can see the room had a walk-in shower with great open space for showering, however, the floor was a little slippy so you did have to watch your step or wheel. There is a chair that you can use in the shower if this is more suitable for you. There are multiple grab rails in and around the toilet, however, there aren't any in the shower which could be an issue for some people. The sink and soap dispensers are low which is perfect for us on wheels and a low down sink can act as an extra hand rail.

In terms of comfort and facilities the double bed is very comfortable and very large. You get tea, coffee and biscuits in the room, as standard. There is free Wi-Fi, essential for us who are Instagram and Youtube obsessed,  although in can be a little slow. A maid service is provided with turn down and fresh towels. As I said there is a pub just across the carpark from the hotel serving a range of both big brand and locally branded drinks which was nice to try some traditional Cornish Cyders, they also serve food and we had a lovely meal there on our first night. It is the perfect combination of traditional local pub and restaurant. Breakfast came with the rooms which is always a bonus, because who doesn’t love a good cooked breakfast?

Altogether a great, comfortable stay and good value for money along with brilliant overall disabled access.

This hotel gets an NQPC 4 star rating for disabled access!

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