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Having a disability is not fun and can sometimes be incredibly difficult, mentally and physically. However, there are some perks to being registered disabled. From discounts to freebies, there are many advantages to your disability:

This beautiful thing allows disabled individuals to get their “cares” in to the cinema for free, basically meaning you get a friend/girlfriend or boyfriend in for free or just split the one ticket to make it cheaper for the both of you. This little gem is great especially if your treating your special someone, or trying to impress a special someone...

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The humble yet powerful blue badge or disabled parking badge.  This wonderful bit of plastic allows you to park in the wider disabled bays, leaving enough room to get out every kind of aid you could possibly want. But did you know that also allows you park on double and single yellow lines. I’m addition to this it also allows you to park in some pay and display parking for free. But double check because I’ve been caught out once or twice.


Many gigs or performances will allow a  “carer” (friend/ other half) a free ticket. Meaning you can treat your “carer” or split the cost and make tickets cheaper for both of you. The “carer” usually doesn’t have to be a registered carer, you may just have to provide a certificate or proof of disability. Also bear in mind this isn’t a requirement for ticket vendors, also check out their ticket page and small print - if in doubt ring or email them as this always gets you a direct answer.


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Yes, you heard me correct! Despite what some people think disabled people can go to a festival and usually it gets a whole host of perks. Some of them being, again, a free carer ticket and let’s face it festivals are expensive. Along with this you and your carer will be able to straight to the front of the drinks queue, making you very popular with the crew you’ve travelled with. It also allows you to go to a special higher viewing platform so you can get a better view of your favourite act.  Best of all you even get cleaner, private portable toilets. Festival perks may vary between different organisations, but these are perks I have seen across a couple of festivals myself - stay tuned for a review of Reading Festival later this year!


If you have seen my last blog post you’ll know all about this one. But if you haven’t, in short overview. The motablity scheme take a portion or all of your motorblity part of your pip or DLA. In return you get a band new car every 3 years, your insurance covered and your roadside assistance covered along with free tyre replacements whenever you need them. Basically all you have to do is just a fuel. Now being disabled sucks and I’d give it all up to be able bodied but if you ask me this is a pretty sweet deal.

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Not a lot of people know this one but yes the driving age for disabled individuals is lower. When you're disabled you can start your driving journey at just the age of 16. It’s to do with being able to make appointments independently. Strange I know but I’ll take it. Now, where’s the keys.


Yes 9 times out of ten the disabled toilet, if there is one,  is the cleaner of the 3. Especially for the male individuals of the disabled community. Have you ever seen or smelt the male toilets in a pub or nightclub it’s enough to make your eyes water. Having said that the female toilets may be just as bad but unfortunately, I can’t comment. So if you have a comment please drop it below.


See, I bet there were some things in there you didn't know about. Hopefully you have learnt something new and you can enjoy your adventures with added perks. 

Remember, don't let your wheels stop you. 

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