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#Dislabeled : WE HAVE TASTE TOO

Dislabeled - how disabled individuals are too often mislabeled by stereotypes.


Does anybody else find themselves going to a nice hotel, restaurant, or attraction just to find the adapted bathroom that looks like a hospital?

Too often people think disabled and think practicality over design which means we have white plastic bathrooms that remind us of hospital trips and doctor's visits. Depressing, right?

Accessible features do not have to be boring. Whilst the white plastic handrails are cheap, practical, and suit the needs of most individuals, they are reminiscent of a hospital and a reminder of being unwell, uncomfortable, and worried.

Accessible toilets are getting better, but the “fancy ones” are few and far between! Have you seen this post from Soph Morg in association with Fine and Able? They have NAILED IT!

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 21.02.48.png

Sleek design, practical, attractive, and sophisticated.  So it isn’t impossible and it doesn’t make the bathroom any less accessible.

Just because we are disabled does not mean we deserve subpar. Accessibility features shouldn’t be a second thought just to meet needs, we should be able to easily access personaliSed and unique adaptations that match our design preferences.

What is one common disability design that you HATE?

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