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Stretching a complete pain in the a** am I right? If you have a physical disability that affects your muscle tightness, or most physical disabilities in that fact, you've probably been told 1000 times that stretching is the key. If you're like me and very busy, you're lost and say “I haven't got the time”. Realistically, you know that it helps you a ridiculous amount and gets rid of that annoying pain every evening. Well, consider me a helping angel (but more ginger). In this blog post I'm going to talk to you about different pieces of equipment that you can get to make your daily stretching routine 5 times easier.

The first one I'm going to mention is the ideal stretch. This was a contraption I came across when I was having my SDR surgery in America. this little gadget goes over your leg which then puts a strap over your knee immobilising it. allowing you to pull back to the ideal tension for stretching your hamstrings meaning that you are in full control of how far you want to stretch. because we've all been there, when your  parent, sibling, friend or partner have stretched your legs past the point you wanted to go and you want to call them every name under the sun and kick them in the face.

My second piece of advice is to go out and get yourself a foam roller.  These little logs allow you to apply pressure to a tight muscle group helping you relieve it. Now, foam rollers come in many shapes and sizes and it really depends on your personal preference and what area tends to be tight on your body.  This will also affect how you use the product. Take me for example, I often get a tight back and tight quads.  Mine is a medium-sized log or foam roller, whatever you want to call it,  so I tend to place it on the floor and just lay back onto it pushing my back into the grooves and moving the roller backwards and forwards I usually tend to do this three or 4 times. Same goes for my quads I tend to lay on my front and scoot my body backwards and forwards while the roller is placed directly onto my quad/ thigh area.

My third little tip is a relatively new one. Is a product called the BUFF. Yes, this product is truly your best friend when it comes to muscle tightness and just general soreness. I came across this one at BodyPower this year. Now, I'll admit it's a little bit pricey but well worth the investment, as it will saves you a lot of time and effort when dealing with knots.  I also find it very relaxing and can often help me get to sleep as I occasionally find it hard to sleep due to my muscles being so tight. It will also save the energy of the poor person that you got trying to relieve the knot within your body.


My last tip is potentially investing in CBD. Whether this be oral on the tongue or tablet or oils, it's completely up to you. Again this one can get a little bit expensive but I believe it's definitely worth the investment. When it was first shown to me I thought this isn't going to do anything it's probably just placebo effect and strong marketing. But then I tried it for about a month, as it can often take up to 2 weeks to get into your system, and I can honestly say the results were amazing. I felt a lot looser it became easier to stretch and it also helped me get into a deeper sleep which is been a great help because, as I mentioned above I often struggle sleeping.  

I hope this gave you a few ideas on what you can do about your muscle tightness and general aches and pains. If anyone has any other ideas or has any questions please just drop me a message on Instagram (click the icon below) and I will try and answer them as best I can.

D​​on’t let your wheels hold you back.

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