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I have always found it interesting listening to what other physically disabled people use to help them around the house because there are some unlikely ones that I wouldn't of thought of myself. So I thought I would share my own unlikely mobility aids.


I have tactically placed and reinforced towel rails that act as grab rails.  Let’s be honest most grab rails look like something straight out of a hospital and take up far too much space. So with this solution, I killed 2 birds with one stone by increasing storage and giving myself a nicer looking grab rail.


The next one on my wonderful list is my anti-skid material mat. I use this often when having dinner at home as it helps keep my plate secure while trying to cut my food. Thanks to my wonderful fused elbows I have limited dexterity in my hands which means my plate often goes for a skate around the table.

A roll of black anti-skid matting - a rubber type material that adds grip.


Yet again, because of my limited dexterity in my hands, I find it very difficult to cut my food with a standard knife. Now I find it a lot easier using a steak knife or serrated knife. Failing that I just stab my fork into it and attack one large piece. I know I’m classy right!

A small serrated knife or steak knife with a walnut brown handle.


Another one I would recommend for anyone that is a bit of a Tech geek like me is making the most of smart products ie using Google home or Alexa. Now, I know what you're thinking about ridiculously expensive well yes it can be, but the methods I have used are still worth looking into as it is much more cost-effective.

I've recently found out that there are smart plugs which allow you to control items in the house through your phone! They aren’t as expensive or complicated as you would think, simply plug the smart plug into your socket and plug your appliance into that.

In my case it has been a massive help with turning fans and heaters on and off at night, as transferring in and out of bed is difficult for me so if I get into bed and realise I’ve not turned the fan it is a nightmare. But you could also use it for things like lamps or speakers.

Here are the ones I brought (not an AD):

A plug is plugged into a round thick extension called a smart plug with a small power symbol lit up with a blue light, this smart plug is then plugged into the wall socket.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I hope it’s given you some useful things to consider. Share your unlikely mobility aid's on our socials.

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