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Valentines Day is just around the corner but coming up with something different to do can be difficult. Particularly when you have to think of accessible venues that are suited to you. So we’ve teamed up with AccessAble to give you some Date Inspiration!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, meaning we have been paid to produce this post in order to promote AccessAble and their product’s. We have written the blog post ourselves with guidance from AccessAble. #AD


We know this one is a little bit obvious, but sometimes trying out a new restaurant or discovering new foods can be fun. Dinner is also a great opportunity to just stop and enjoy each others company. Maybe, try a restaurant you’ve never been to before and order something you wouldn’t have at home or something you wouldn’t usually order. If you both order something different you can share and discover new foods together.

Fun fact: Gina and I went to Giraffe in Milton Keynes on our first date, so the past 2 years we’ve gone back there on Valentines as a little tradition. We know - soppy right?!

Charlie is sat looking t a menu with a glass of wine

The most important thing that I like to check, especially when going out for dinner, is if the venue has a disabled toilet. I find AccessAble the best way to do this, as they can tell me exactly what dimensions the door is and what space there is, what transfer handles are available and if there is an emergency pull cord. So I know, I don’t have to worry about how much I drink throughout my meal.
You can easily check out local restaurants and their accessibility using AccessAble, either search specific venues or discover what is near you:



This is something a little different, but again one me and Gina enjoy. It brings out your competitive side whilst being fun. Gina likes to think she is quite good at bowling, but then again, we once went with her family and she beat all of us, so maybe she’s right. We love going head to head, but also rooting for each other to get those much-anticipated Strikes! 

Most 10-pin bowling centres have ramps which allow you to push the ball down the lane, rather than having to swing it. There are also wider lanes at most centres making it a fairly accessible activity!

Most bowling alleys have a decent level of accessibility, but of course, it is always better to have peace of mind. AccessAble are the easiest way to check this, telling you how many accessible lanes there are, and the dimensions of the lanes for turning circles and easy mobility to and from the seating area. There are lots of examples of accessible bowling alleys on AccessAble so to be sure to check their website to find out the accessibility of one near you.

Gina holds an orange bowling ball ready to bowl.

3: ZOO 

You can’t beat the classic. Something romantic and cute but interesting. The last zoo me and Gina went to, was Edinburgh zoo which despite being quite hilly, was very interesting and great to see so many unique animals. Zoos are never boring unless the animals are sleeping, I guess. You can take a stroll and laugh at the monkeys, discover animals you may never have seen before. Decide your favourites. Stop for coffee and a sandwich. All in all, it is a lovely day out, no matter what your age or ability.

The Edinburgh zoo, was not the most access friendly, but they did have lots of things in place to assist you as best they could. It was great to be able to check this out on AccessAble before going to the Zoo as it was a little way out of Edinburgh from the main city centre and tourist area.

Check out your local Zoo’s detailed access guide on AccessAble:

Edingburgh Zoo's Panda eatin bamboo

This one is a little more unique. I know some theatre tickets can be a little pricey, but if you look into local and smaller theatres there are some great performances by amateur dramatic groups at a more budget-friendly cost. And don't forget one disabled perk - often carer tickets are at a reduced cost!


Gina and I have been lucky enough to see a few theatre shows, but my favourite so far has to have been the School of Rock! It was spectacular and the talent was incredible.


Theatres always have a great team to help you get to your seats safely. But what always makes our experience a lot more relaxed is double-checking the venue on the AccessAble App. That way we know what to expect for alternative access, how steep ramps are and what the door or aisle widths will be. Meaning we can easily go to our seat with the assistant without any anxiety. 

The School of Rock Musical sign on their London Theatre


Now I know this one is a little bit more out there, but it could be a real treat for you and your partner. 


Even just one night away, somewhere different can help you shut off from work or stressful surroundings. Treat yourself to a lovely dinner have a mooch around the local area and cuddle up in a massive soft bed and stick on a movie. 


One thing I would recommend is taking a laptop and if possible a cable to connect it to the TV in the room, as a lot of hotels have limited channels. So a laptop is always good to pick a binge-worthy Netflix season or a classic film!


Finding an accessible hotel can sometimes be a little more difficult or restrictive. Although some hotels claim to have an accessible room, you can be left uncertain about the hotel access. So searching for the hotel or hotels near your desired location can help you explore the building and area to familiarise yourself and ensure it is suitable for your needs. AccessAble will give you detailed information on door widths, bathroom facilities and space around the room, making it easy to pick the perfect hotel for you!

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