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#Dislabeled : THE MOVEMENT

Hi everyone, if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I recently started a movement with some fellow content creators called Dislabeled. But what does it even mean?

The idea behind Dislabeled is that Disabled individuals are often mislabeled or put into the same box under the same stereotypes, despite being completely unique.

After noticing some conversations on social media and spotting more inaccurate adverts/media representation, I thought why not try and do something? So, I contacted some amazing creators and #Dislabeled was born! 

I am fed up with seeing adverts and accessibility statements that only cater for the social stereotype instead of disabled people!

Like when you get to a venue to find one disabled bay by the entrance, and a disabled toilet that is blocked by stairs. Disabled doesn’t just mean elderly or people with limited mobility, it ALSO means young people in wheelchairs and using other mobility aids. 

So often things that would be really useful for disabled people are advertised to carers or elderly people who have become less able due to their age instead of a disability/condition.

Have you seen those accessible housing developments only for 55+? Yeah, exactly!

Or accessibility is ignored because of the assumption that “Disabled people don’t use that service”, even though we don’t use it because it isn’t accessible and if it were accessible - we would use it! This is really common in places like night clubs and bars. 

The idea of this campaign is to talk about the issues with stereotyping disability and re-defining what disability means in society.

Do you want to get involved?

Post a video or image with 3 or more things that define you that aren’t related to your disability - show that we are not defined by our disability.

Make sure you tag me so I can see and share!

Check out the amazing posts from other creators by clicking on the images above


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