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Whether it be cerebral palsy or fitness or my everyday lifestyle, there are things I use or 'must do' everyday, and I thought I would share what I use in case they help you to. 


First off is my pills. Nothing illegal. Just regular vitamins to help keep my body healthy, help me sleep and assist mobility. 

I take Cod Liver Oil, Multivitamins, ZMA (zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6) these combined with herbal sleeping pills help me drift off into a natural sleep as I tend to have quite a hyperactive mind at night. All of these natural vitamins that can also help boost your immune system, with low levels of Vitamin D in the UK because, yanno, no sun, Cod liver Oil is an absolute staple! I also use the controversial CBD every day just 2 drops on your tongue each day. This has had a massive impact on a lot of areas of my life such as my sleep (can you tell I really struggle with that) my muscle tightness and my ability to relax in the evenings. 


Another essential is protein. Either a protein shake after dinner or a protein bar as a snack, ensuring you reach the right amount of protein is essential for muscle growth. Which doesn't just help me in the gym but also with everyday tasks that are a little more difficult with Cerebral Palsy. I actually work with Posted Protein where you can mix and match your favourite brands and flavours of Protein bars, powders and snacks. If you use the code CHARLIERANDELL5 you can get 5% off! (affiliate link


With work there’s 2 absolute musts! First is to write a to do list. Get everything down that needs to be done that day. I leave the things that can be carried over to the next day at the bottom of the list and add things on that I’ve completed to help me keep track of what I’ve done.

Second thing is to move away from my desk at lunch time. I get a 30 minute lunch break so I find it really important to move away from my computer and do something else, so that I can switch off for a little bit and make my afternoon a lot more productive, having re-focused my mind. 


I also have to stretch. I've done a whole blog post on how I stretch and the equipment I use. (click here to read) I'll admit, 9 times out of 10 I can't be bothered to stretch at the end of the evening.  But I try to do it at least 4 times a week, especially with my gym routine and sitting in a wheelchair throughout the day. If I don't get round to stretching then using my massager - The Buff helps to ease any tension with 0 effort, although I understand this is a costly luxury.


Another MUST is my gym. We all know I love weightlifting, whilst some people couldn't think of anything worse, it is my escape and it helps keep my independence and improving my mobility. The main essential is cardio, swimming or walking is so important in my weekly routine. Whilst building my muscles through weight lifting, cardio helps to keep them moving and healthy. Check out my Top Tips Disabled Gym Goers here!


Final essential is to switch off at 9pm. With working, the gym and managing NQPC I often barely stop everyday till 8 and then I've got to have a shower and get myself sorted. If I don't stop at 9pm then it makes the morning and the following day very hard. Self-care is very important and sometimes you have to put something on the side and leave it till the following day. It's so so important for me to have a break else I get to the end of the week with no energy or motivation to even go to the shop, let alone enjoy the weekend. This has been learnt through a lot of personal experience, there have been times when I’ve completely burnt out which not only makes you extremely tired but it can also have a huge impact on your mental health.

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