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Before I start this blog post I will mention that everything mentioned below is based on my personal experience and stories I've heard from other disabled individuals.  Another thing I want to mention is that I understand that unless you are exposed to disabilities you may not understand them and have lots of questions. As I mentioned in a lot of my YouTube videos and content I'd much rather if someone has a question they come up and ask it, that way they know for future reference. Having said that some questions and situations we find ourselves in are ridiculous...

A lot of common questions are about disability and relationships.  If I had a penny for every time I've been asked one of these questions I'd be rich.  But some of the questions are a lot more comedic, like “If you have children will they come out in wheelchairs?”  First off the person who asked me this question can't have studied biology, as I'm pretty sure it's practically impossible for the human body to produce steel or aluminium or any other element for that matter apart from methane of course.

Another gem when it comes to relationships, and this is my personal favourite and the one that whines me up the most. When people find out I have a girlfriend they asked automatically is, “Is she able bodied?” Now let's consider this situation: let's say both individuals in the relationship are disabled and have the same disability, meaning we suffer from the same difficulties. For example I can't reach objects on the top shelf because of my balance. Now let's say me and this partner live together on our own, she then can't reach the top shelf either. Now can you see where the issue comes in.

That being said there are disabled people in relationships with other disabled people and I commend them for that. Also remember that you fall in love with who you fall in love with. There isn't a telepathy thing between me and other disabled individuals where we can find each other and then we just get together.


Now another one of my pet peeves  is when people treat disabled people as if they are stupid or can't do anything.  There are many disabilities in this world some meaning, yes you have a younger mental age than your physical body. However this isn't always the case.  So do not assume that all disabled individuals are unable to understand you or do things for themselves. Take me for example, I am perfectly articulate I am able to feed myself and to stay in by myself. The only thing I can't do I put my shoes on or walk independently. My mental capabilities are not affected at all.

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 The other one that annoys me a lot, is the common assumption that disabled people don't have a social life and they don't go out or work for a living.  While yes some disabled individuals are unable to work and get out of the house independently, there are a lot of us that can. Most of us try to live a normal life.  So don't be shocked when you see us down your local pub or restaurant grabbing a few drinks and a bite to eat with friends and maybe acting a little bit ridiculous.

Head over to my Instagram and let me know what pet peeves you have. Remember, don't let your wheels stop you. 

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