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Reading festival access review

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering  “How do you go to a festival in a wheelchair?” Well, it might surprise you, but it is actually really quite easy.


Marstons Inn Review

We all love a good weekend away. A mini break away from it all. Gina and I took a little break to Broadstairs. We chose a little hotel near Broadstairs which blew us both away.


Savoy Theatre


There is nothing quite like a West End Show - the music, the atmosphere and, obviously, the talent. But of course, as a wheelchair user, what makes the experience great is the accommodation and assistance team.


TrickY's Hotel cornwall

At the end of September we went to Cornwall with Gina’s family and stayed in a independent hotel in Redruth. The hotel was called Tricky's, we found it through google search, and thought it would be interesting to try out the disabled access at an independent hotel.


Healeys Cyder Farm cornwall

Who doesn’t love a good cider? Well, when we were in Cornwall we found THE best cider I’ve ever tasted! Healeys Cyder Farm was just around the corner from Trickys Hotel so of course we went to check it out.


Severn Valley Railway

It was an interesting day out - not something I would usually choose to do, as I'm not much of a ‘vintage’ person, but it was still good!
What I was most interested in was their Disabled Access because as an historic attraction the access can be pretty, well historic!

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