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Let’s be honest there are a lot of hurdles disabled people have to push over in there day to day life. Then to top it off we have to deal with other hurdles when we want some time away. Whether that be a lads weekend, girls weekend, romantic week with your partner or a all out family holiday. They all involve one enormous pain in the arse and that is travel. Now having said that it, isn’t all bad. There are few perks, tips and tricks for all you travelers rolling around out there:

Let’s start with hotels. Finding one that’s wheelchair friendly can be nightmare, so what can you do to combat this? Well number 1, you guessed it, do your research

It’s the key for us wheelchair users. What to look for when your looking at the website. Well look at the photos of hotels and it’s rooms very closely. I know a lot of you are already detectives with this stuff, but the moment when you find bathroom photos on a hotel page is a massive relief - you can vision how you can move around the room and adapt to the space.
You may find that a lot of the access rooms are the hotel’s family rooms, due to having more space. They may also be slightly more expensive, however, depending on the way you look at it, it doesn’t have to be a negative. Let’s take me for example, I tend to go away with Gina (my girlfriend for those of you that live under a rock and don’t follow my socials) so that means the 2 of us get this massive room to ourselves. Plus 9/10 these room are nicer, more luxurious rooms. So although finding a hotel can be hard, they tend to nicer hotels. See positive spin.

Next on the list is the airport. Now this place can cause enough problems without being in a wheelchair. Whether that be your flight been delayed, realising you don’t have a book for the plane and having to pay through the nose for the one you want or losing your group and having that sheer moment of fear. But when your in a wheelchair there’s a few things you need to know.


One- remember to tell this assistants staff your there. Now I know your thinking, I don’t want this random person following me all the way through the airport. Don’t stress, you can tell them to meet you at your flight gate. That way you are free to roam through the airport.

Two - get there in plenty of time because although there is assistance for you, getting through airport they can be a little slow. Now I’ve said a lot of negatives about the assistants team, but they do come with a few perks. Such as, allowing you to push through the line for  passport control, meaning when you land in your holiday destination, you don't spend half your life in the queue for passport control.  If you ask me #disabledperks. Another perk you get with the assistance team is that you get to get on the plane first, find your seat and sit and relax while everyone else struggles to find theirs.


So although going to the airport as a disabled person isn't perfectly straightforward it's definitely possible and has some benefits

And there you have it. How to cope with hotels and airports in a wheelchair. Don't forget to look out for our hotel reviews to help you know what to look for. 

As always don't let your wheelchair hold you back! 

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